Paper Mate Ink Joy Pen Review!

Well, hello world! It’s me! And I’m here to finally review these new paper mate pens that I’ve been using for the past 3 weeks (if you follow me on tumblr then you probably saw them in shopping update post and if not here you go)


They’re most definitely different from my usual studio gel ink pens which I most definitely prefer (not just because they’re so fetch but also cheaper and much more smoother). However, these guys don’t run out as quickly! The inkjoy technology is actually pretty good quality. The only downside is that the ink may not always run clear and smooth if you’re writing fast but for the most part they’re great.

Here’s just a comparison between the inkjoy pens and the studio gel pens:

Studio gel ink pens:

  1. Price: $2.50
  2. Nib size: 0.7mm
  3. Colours: Black, blue and red
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


Paper Mate InkJoy pens:

  1. Price: $6.99
  2. Nib size: Medium
  3. Colours: Black, mocha, orange, red, magenta, purple, blue, turquoise, green, and lime
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


Anyways, I really love them compared to my other paper mate stationary utensils (that’s a fancy way of saying pens and other writing instruments)! I may be doing another stationary review on the worst pens that I used, so stay tuned. Ciao!




How Do I Make My Revision Notes for Studying?

It’s like 3:00 AM and I just got this idea now (Wow, really?)

I always get asked on how do I make my notes and how I personally organize them and stuff (’cause I’m that great, hehe).

Please be advised that this my own reference on how I study and make notes but it's different for everyone so don't just think that because I get straight A's in school it means that my method works for everyone, in fact I went though many different learning methods to find my perfect fit that works for every class that I take. 

Take Rough Notes from Lecture

The first step of the learning cycle is introduction which is where you start questioning the topic and try building observations and knowledge from it. From my past experiences, lectures don’t give you the full information rather a “snapshot” or “feel” of the material. So, I always try to get out a tonne of information and material from that first lecture for the topic and asking a lot of questions from my professor about the lesson, some clarifications, and what other topics I should go into and just basically following the curriculum.

Also, if you have the course syllabus or outline then you can also use that as a guide.

Revise Notes By Looking at a Textbook or Watching Tutorials

Like I said before (I sound so bossy…), the lecture is just a a preview of what you learned, and you should try to fill in the gaps by completing the learning cycle which is the second and third third step, discovery and extension

What I usually do is re-read my “draft” notes and see what I need to know and it also doesn’t hurt to look at your syllabus of the topic or even the curriculum study guide to see what you need and don’t need (make sure you just write notes only on what you need to learn for that class, too much or excess information is not needed). I take both general courses at school at the same time IB courses, so I have a bunch of textbooks that I use.

After looking at what my objectives are for the topic of study I start reading. Now, please don’t read passively, that is reading like a zombie whose eyes just goes from left and right. This is a common mistake, if you just read and take notes, you’re basically just copying the same exact text from the book which kind of beats the purpose of note taking. Instead, I do what is called the information funnel method (IFM).

  1. Preview the text by skimming it to get the feel of what the topics are ahead.
  2. Read each paragraph then summarize them into your own words so that you actually learn the material. Then write them in the note taking section of the cornell note taking system.
  3. After writing notes for a paragraph or section, on the cue section (usually the left side of the note taking column, write review questions or key words to help without memorizing information.

Just some more additional points:

  1. Don’t review material that you already know
  2. If you see the same word over and over again, try to abbreviate it.
  3. Remember to check with what you need to know on your syllabus or guide, often textbooks go off course and tries to relate it to other material that you don’t need.

Apply What You’ve Learned

The fourth and last step in the learning cycle is application where you actually apply what you learned to see if you really know the subject well. So, I usually get straight into the worksheets that I was given by my professor then continue with the work in the textbook exercises.

If you still can’t understand the work that you’re doing, then go back to your notes and look through the worked out examples to see where you need pin-pointing. If you still need clarification, on a separate piece of paper or stick note, mark it down so you can go over it with your professor or classmate.

Example Paper

This one example is from my physics class but I find that this method works with every class that I’ve taken.

So these this is my rough notes during the lecture, as you can see it’s note very tidy which makes it impossible to review from.

Here, I started going through my IB Higher Level Physics textbook and started writing down what my curriculum needs me to learn which is written in lime green. Then underneath that are the start of my notes which are more detailed than what I learned from the lecture.

Now on the left side, I stared review questions to help me review afterwards before applying what I learned.


Now here, I just printed off some of the worksheets that my professor wanted us to complete. By then you already know the material so it’s easier.


I hope that this was helpful and I have more posts to add later on! Happy note taking and ciao!

How Do I Cope with Depression and School?

It’s like 12:48 am right now but that’s okay (k, yes everyone needs their proper amount of sleep so don’t follow in my example, however I did take a long nap in the afternoon so yeah…) but, I’m here to write about something very serious (as you can tell from the title) especially with what’s going on with me right now. Also I made a master post on my tumblr blog about this but I want a more detailed focus on what I do so, if you want to read that post you can click here (some content from that post will also be posted here as well).

Recently, I relapsed back into depression about 5 months ago (about July) and I started my senior year at a new school in September (I know. Wrong timing). So I had a lot of ups and downs there and here. In short, I want to talk to you guys about how I personally cope with mental illness while at the same time trying to reach my full potential and pursue what I want academically. I recently got a question on my tumblr blog asking how do I cope with depression and at the same time go to school.

Just a side note: Please keep in mind that I am not a medical professional but I did beat depression 5 years ago (and I'll try to do it again) so this is what I know and what I'm continuously doing to help.

Accept that You Have a Problem

 The first step is to always accept that you have a problem and that you need to treat it ASAP! When you let it sit and wait, it’s just going to grow and manifest which can alter your performance in school and effect how your view yourself overall.

Around October of last year, I went to my guidance counsellor, my dean and vice dean for immediate help. This was a tremendous step to getting better even though it was scary to get help (it felt so awkward too). Soon after she (my guidance counsellor) offered to have therapy sessions which really helped. I learned many new techniques (which are again in my recent tumblr masterpost) and it helped me get through it.

Overall, letting the right people know can really help and make you feel better. Plus it’s also great to have a support system.

Take It Easy 

A common mistake when you’re studying while depressed is that you need to pretend that everything is okay and just go on with full force with everything thinking that it’s just going to go away on its own. No. Just no. Remember to watch and listen to yourself.

My routine to watch this when trying to do an assignment goes a little like this (I don’t do this every single time since I tend to change it up).

  • Find a very blank place that’s very tidy so that your mind is focused on only one thing. I like studying or doing work on the floor in an empty corner with a blanket (I feel like I’m one of the only ones who does it… Am I?)
  • Put calming music on to get a rhythm going to help you pace while work.
  • Study for 30-35 mins without procrastinating (turn off your phone or put it into sleep mode, no tv, no distracting human contact, only you and that’s it).
  • Take a short break (around 5-8 mins).
  • Repeat.

Try to Take Care of Your Priorities Not Others

It’s without a doubt that we have to deal with toxic people. When you’re around them they just hurt you and that’s not what you want for yourself, especially if you’re going through a mental illness.

Recently, obnoxious people have been trying to get into contact with me and have been trying to cause drama however, I did what I was taught to do (thanks to past therapy session), I ignored it and gave them a more mature response then of course, I blocked them online and in reality (just ignore them when in person and go on with what’s important). This is the only way. I don’t expect to fix it since I don’t have the time plus I’m dealing with more serious issues (lol they’re not worth the time right now).

Just cut them out of your life but don’t be mean and toxic back instead, be stern and serious that you need space then move on. Trust me it’s worth it and it gives you another lesson that it’s their problem not yours so just focus on yourself. Remember it’s school not a reality show so just do your thing and let others do whatever they deem “worthy”.

Build Yourself Up Not Break

I’ve spent so many years being hard on myself. I’ve learned to not necessarily look on the bright side since that should never be the focus when something goes wrong because it doesn’t actually help your case. However looking at your failures and saying that it’s an attempt and a try should be a better way at looking at it instead of changing the subject with distractions like “Oh, hey at least I’m good at…” Look at what happened and think about how you can make it better next time.

Also thinking about the good times can actually help. For me, I tend to spend a few minutes when I’m alone to remind myself that I’m still here and that I’m still very much like very human – We all make mistakes but we still keep on going.

Become Motivated

When you have grit and the will power to succeed, you can accomplish anything. I usually like looking at famous people and their accomplishments to get me inspired. If you go on the Academy of Achievement site you can read and watch people and their success stories and the struggles that they faced.

Also ted talks about getting motivation also helps as well. I also have a few favourite Youtubers and bloggers for instance College Info Geek by blogger/youtuber and cute nerdy geek Thomas Frank, who also has written a book about motivation and how to succeed in school called 10 Steps To Earning Awesome Grades. He also has a library of podcast about anything that can help you succeed on his blog. You can also watch his very useful tips on his Youtube channel here.

Looks like another farewell (until the next post hehe). I hope this helped (forgive me for no images this time) and make sure that you listen to yourself as well and think about what other methods can help you get through this. If you have any questions please message me on my tumblr blog. Ciao!

How Do I Stay on Task During the Holidays

Well hello world! It’s me again. As you can tell by the title (titles usually give us what it’s about…), I’ve been receiving a tonne of messages and questions about how I stay productive over the Winter holidays. So, I’ve decided that today I give you some tips and pointers on how I stay productive when I’m out of school on break (on a side note: just because you’re on break doesn’t mean your performance in school has to suffer).

Hope this post helps (fingers crossed) and if you have anymore questions, please ask in the comment section below and if you like, message me on my tumblr blog as well.

Tip #1: Use a Timetable/To-Do List/Agenda

If you’ve read some of my past posts then you know how much I value (and you should too!) planning like a warlord. You need to plan before hand and what you need to execute.


Here I just made a to-do list for all of my classes. Now, I don’t mean you need to be ahead till you’re practically done the class, since that is just ridiculous and not worth your time, however reading some material ahead can be very beneficial remember not to over due it since you have other priorities or other classes to look at. Also, try to be realistic about what you put on that list and plan out what part of the day you wish to do them.

Lastly, make sure you have F-U-N on that list since it is the holidays so remember to get festive and get out there in the world to just enjoy yourself, it won’t be long until you’re back for the next school semester/term (*gasp).

Tip #2: Relaxation

IMG_3085 IMG_3082 IMG_3084

I can’t stress (don’t stress! just relax. Yeah see what I just did there?) this enough but remember that you are on a holiday so do just that and sit back and relax! I prefer to relax in my own way which means a lot of Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, journal writing, photography, tumblr (since I brought this up, here’s my tumblr blog as well hehe), and of course a bunch of shopping!

IMG_3068 IMG_3070 IMG_3071

Also try to get out of the house too. Here, I like going to the local cafés to be productive, have fun and drink a great cup of London fog. Don’t stay cooped up in your room too much. This generation spends way too much time in their room, try to enjoy some outside time while you’re on break. It’ll give you a new perspective I promise!

Tip #3: Planning for the New Year

I feel like I’m repeating myself again but yeah, a new year and maybe a new day planner or agenda to keep you track for the next 12 months!


Although that I use a day planner I tend to use it like a bullet journal where I just plan things out with bullets/symbols.

Another side note: Since that the New Year is rolling around the corner, it may be a great time to start writing New Years Resolutions (which will be an upcoming blog post soon I promise).

Tip #4: Fixing that Sleep Mechanism

Let’s face it, we all have so much fun that we forget that we’re not immortal and thus need sleep (unless if you’re a zombie). So, try to get yourself on track with your sleeping schedule and make sure that you’re awake when you’re suppose to be awake and asleep when you should be. I’m sure that everyone has a smartphone with a clock and alarm function but remember that there’s still the old school one, like mine form Ikea (I swear I am not endorsing them but I jus love them).

I tend to keep my clock with me while I’m journaling (is that even a word?) away so I don’t lose track of time.

Tip #5: Stay Safe

I know, I know, I am not your mother but it’s still a pretty good reminder that even though that you’re on your break, try to have fun responsibly. It’s quite easy to forget when so many things are happening around you but please try to remember to be safe than sorry. Other than that, have fun everyone and a Happy New Year to all.

How to Balance a Heavyweight Semester

It’s been awhile into this semester and I’m personally feeling the effects of academic stress. So that’s why I’ve decided that it’s time to write a post about how to balance school work and get the most effective grade in the end without burning out.

Step 1: Plan like a warlord

I can’t stress this enough that in order to succeed with a heavyweight semester, you must know the art of planning and organizing your tactics. Use any type of day planning strategies that work for you. For me I prefer bullet journaling.

Step 2: Be Productive at School 

School in general is meant to be a place of work. Like an office type of thing. So try to do most of the work, note taking, assignments, etc. while at school and if you have times in the school day where you don’t have a class use them to your advantage and just complete any necessary assignments. This will guarantee that you freed up the afternoon where there is a more light load to work on or study on so you don’t feel stressed, plus the added benefits of more free time and a social life.

Step 3: Start Early on Assignments/Projects

I can’t stress this enough as it is but you cannot just wait till the very last minute. It’s just not worth it. Once an assignment is set, start to organize your time (with your day planner of course) where you will commit to finishing it. Once it’s out of the way you can reward yourself with other things you like.

Step 4: Reduce Distractions

I know it can be difficult that you have friends, things to do, maybe a club or two but, try to remember that school is your first priority so try to do your other hobbies after school and hang out with your friends later in the day.

Book of January Review: Put on the Armour of Light

This past month has given me a tremendous opportunity to experience breath taking drama from this novel written by Catherine MacDonald where Put on the Armour of Light was my own shining of light during these past four weeks.

I can’t imagine how Winnipeg, my home, would look like at the dawn of 1899 and I sure can’t remember the time when I went to a museum (which I should) to look at the history behind it. The atmosphere that was presented in the novel was   exciting and it sure as hell makes me want to go back and time and experience what it really would have been like to be a Winnipeger during its pioneering days.

What I loved about it was the ability to actually imagine the streets that were thrown at me while reading the chapters. I was like “Hey! I know that street! And that building as well!” It must have been the constant echoing of how these same exact streets that were ideal to the novel’s success.

The storyline was also very delicious to read as I, myself love murder and drama. I can’t say the least how a murder caused by fraud is the most propelling story to read but, I can say that in the midst of tears, the suspension of who did what is what makes me (and hopefully you) to keep on flipping the pages as the story releases its dynamite (don’t worry it’s not actually dynamite, but the ending might be).