What Summer Looks Like For AP Kids

According to popular belief, not all kids have the summer dream of doing everything that they want. There are kids who go to trips and explore the world and then there are kids who just sit at home gaining a few pounds on the couch counting the days till their alarm clock ding turns into a school bell ring. For me, it’s a little bit of both worlds. Due to the demand of advancing my education through the rigorous curriculum of AP (Advanced Placement), my day is usually filled with 4 hours of note taking, textbook reading and lecture videos combined. Yet with all of this going for 7 days a week, I still have that balance. I still get to workout, go outside and even hang out with my friends to build relationships. The point is, balance is key because it gives you the power to enjoy life at all different perspectives.

I find that when I’m stressed out with course content or material that doesn’t make a bit of sense, life outside of academia is what keeps my sane under check so I don’t go crazy and do wacky things that people do on T.V. I’ve realized this from reading my past journal entries from past summers that I’m way too focused on one thing than I am on other things that I could be enjoying. What is around you right now maybe not be around for long so for me, I had to close my textbook, shutdown my computer, look up, and interact with what I got before I turn 85.

Remember that balance is key to all happiness and that if you’re able to balance this scale in all walks of your life, you’ll be able to penetrate hurdles of challenges quite easily. Good luck my friends.


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The creator of Rants of an AP Student. A boy. A blog. And a laptop. I'm your everyday hipster who loves blogging, and promoting social awareness to the world. I'm an activist, an honours student, a blogger, and your everyday all love and free kind of guy.

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