A Lesson for All of Us

-Robin Williams was an extraordinary comedian who had a love of making smiles as much as he had a love of cracking up jokes. He left his presence on our earth and we must  take his death as a learning mechanism surrounding life and death.


Robert Williams (1951-2014)

It’s without a doubt that depression is the worst mental condition to be in and I know what Williams had to go through for I went through it myself. It may seem so surreal that one of the most successful people in the world may fall into the clutches of depression, but please note that depressions can affect anyone in all walks of life. He may have all the fame and fortune, yet it seems like it wasn’t enough to put a heartfelt hope of happiness in his heart.

When I heard the news anchor say that he “committed suicide” I was buffeted with confusion and remorse. Like “committed suicide”? More like died by suicide for it wasn’t his desire to “commit”but rather to end it for desperation of ending the trauma. People need to understand that if he had some way of turning his negative emotions to a positive state he would, but in this case it wasn’t.

I want to put emphasis that even with all the fame, fortune and luxuries that he accomplished in his lifetime it still wasn’t enough to prevent depression because, he is human and that every human as his or her own vulnerabilities.

My Story

When I was about 14 years old, my close friend started bullying me which went on for months and months. The countless repulsion that I received everyday was enough to send me into a depressive state and that I was left in a mentally unstable condition. Letting go for me was the hardest and I did had fantasies of ending my life, but because of the countless support (mostly by force) I was able to let go and move on.

When I started high school after the traumatic event, I was greeted with new people who I used as a healing device to get myself to think “look, you may not like being here without him but look at how life is being kind to you that you’re making new friends, a new support system.” Although that I may have to walk past my old friend in the halls, I still have my courage and strength that I learned from my depressive state and that I am a survivor of depression. And yes, I carry my battle wounds proud.


I am glad that he was able to share is life with us as a comedian and an actor and that his contribution to social media has left many with happiness and countless of chuckles. May he rest in peace.







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