Through the Eyes of the People of Poverty.

In the city of Winnipeg, there are those who have a lot and those who don’t. It’s not a matter of putting the wealth of others as their identity, but to put emphasis on how wealth affects the daily lives of everyday citizens across the spectrum of people in all walks of life.


When I wake up, I usually wakeup to the mind rocking alarm on my iPhone. I then proceed to take a shower, while wasting water that I didn’t need, and then I come to the kitchen with a table filled with delicious food for my first meal of the day. This scenario may be similar for the most of us but, have you ever wondered what your life would be if you couldn’t afford the necessities? I mean how would you go everyday knowing that you wouldn’t be able to pay for your phone bill, electricity, bill, hydro, and even the food and shelter that we need to sustain?

In one month 60,000 Manitobans will rely on a food bank. In the film below, we’ll follow the lives of the three disadvantaged people who are trying their best in any given way to provide for themselves and for others. After watching the film, I want you to thank every blessing, even the tiniest, that you may have and that there are those who would love to be in your position right now.


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The creator of Rants of an AP Student. A boy. A blog. And a laptop. I'm your everyday hipster who loves blogging, and promoting social awareness to the world. I'm an activist, an honours student, a blogger, and your everyday all love and free kind of guy.

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