Vote for Education not War: A New Series to Me & You

“A new upcoming series that will impact every everyone who goes to school.”

See that quote up there? That’s what I said after I was on the down low while coming up with ideas that will amplify my blogging skills to the max! Since the past year or so, I kept on watching news article after news article about how the state of education of everyone around the world is a complete anarchy! And I for one kept on saying things like “Oh dear! I can’t believe that’s happening!” or “I hope that would be resolved sooner or later and that people change.” 

What did I come up with?

Since then, I now rewind myself to those outrageous things that I said because, I sounded like a complete dork who was so passionate about education yet, I didn’t do anything to change that. That’s right! I was one of those kids who reacted but didn’t take action until now. And that’s how Vote for Education not War was born.

While I was trying to find something that will drive my activist project, I came up with the idea that now that school is coming faster at the speed of light, it should be a project that affects the younger generation and that I should start using my skills as both a blogger and an activist to make change that will bring attention to those who were once in that state of “reacted but didn’t take action” to react and take action.


How is this going to work?

Well I took the initiative to blog/re-blog articles, posts, videos, news articles, and other mediums that will show you how the world would be like if you took the initiative. I was thinking about taking you along my high school journey as a Junior (Grade 11) and walk you along as I get inspiration from the teachers, events and anything in-between to help me.

I was also trying to come up with a systematic plan to help students of all colours and socio-economic backgrounds by blogging about education on the minority groups.  In addition to this, I wanted to blog about how education is affecting genders, particularly on girls, in different countries. These things are going to be a great hit off on this new series on my blog but they’re no the only ones, I’m pretty sure that along the way I’m going to come up with tons and tons of stuff to reveal.

This is actually a great way for everyone to collaborate, but in order for this to happen I need your help. And here’s how you can help. By involving yourself to be the change of education! You know what they say, when everyone joins hands together in one direction, that direction will move everywhere.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 3.18.22 AM

How did all of this started?

On August 24th, I went to Walmart for back to school shopping. As I scurried around while dodging the crowds of youngsters, overbearing parents and towering gorillas, I came to the idea of how everyone is pitching in for his or her kid to get new school supplies to aid them for school, and with school comes opportunities and with opportunities comes a bright well-lit future. So I thought about creating a new hobby, journal writing & activism. I always knew that I was an activist but, I never actually recorded my own feelings down. I didn’t write a journal entry for two years and now I’m beginning to think that I should go back to that. And I was right.

So I picked up a new a journal and labeled it similar to the tagline of my blog: Rant of an AP Student: A boy. A blog. And a Laptop. but instead I label it as: A boy. A journal. And a pen. 


Now just like my blog, it has the same format. If you analyze my blog’s tagline you first see “A boy.” which represents the person for being a person means that you’re a living person who has the power to generate change. Second you see “A journal.” which is centred meaning that it’s the main thing to be discussed. And lastly, “And a pen.” which shows the special classic tool that will never go away in order to produce my ideas of change.

So after personalizing my journal with that tagline, I then decided to use it as a special tool to help me get through the ten (10) months of grade 11 by writing down my everyday experiences while focusing on the part of connecting it to my blog. So it’s like a two for one deal, I get to record my experiences involving my junior year in high school, while connecting it to my activism project for education for I know that education is important.

So if you haven’t really guessed it this project is going to go on for only about ten moths because that’s how long the school year is from where I live. Although, when it comes to my activism work, I like to divide it into seasons: The summer season and the school season. So after the school season is over, I’ll switch over to the summer season but I’ll gladly come back to the same project if I must.

What can I do to help or contribute?

Like I said before, instead of reacting and not taking action, try to do the opposite by reacting then taking action to spread the word and everyone will jump in! It’s like the domino affect when one falls the others will fall in a systematic way as well. You can easily do this by re-blogging my posts or sharing it on social media websites to get everyone’s attention on the issue so that change can happen. So don’t be shy, spread the word to your friends, family and everyone else in between so that we the people can change education for the greater good!

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.” ~Ghandi


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The creator of Rants of an AP Student. A boy. A blog. And a laptop. I'm your everyday hipster who loves blogging, and promoting social awareness to the world. I'm an activist, an honours student, a blogger, and your everyday all love and free kind of guy.

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