Winnipeg’s Finest: Stella’s Cafe & Bakery

“Stella’s… Inspired taste & healthy ingredients. The right way.”


Upon reading that first line from their “Our Story” page on their website, I was convinced that Stella’s cafe is the one of Winnipeg’s own finest cafés in the city. I mean, they’ve been known for their best breakfast meals throughout the whole city. In fact, they’ve expanded and opened at least seven more restaurants.
More than just a coffee shop


When I first heard about Stella’s Cafe & Bakery I, in the beginning, wasn’t really into the whole getting up in the morning or taking a break form school/work to just buy a latté. Yet, when I had my first Stella’s latté I was eventually hooked and I didn’t dare go back to Tim’s or Starbucks to say the least. Ironic isn’t it? Even while I was in Vegas, I was still craving for the taste of Stella’s Café Americano. Then somewhere along the way, I was ordering more than just a basic latté, I started having breakfast meals too.
I wasn’t aware that they served things from breakfast meals, sandwiches, hot/cold beverages to soups or deserts! So Stella’s really is an all well-rounded restaurant if you ask me! I even thought about bringing a girl on a date their since their salads are to die for! If you are in the mood for a late night bite, then I would recommend the roasted ratatouille for $12. 95 and if you’re one of those morning types try the Mexican Breakfast (Also available for those Vegan lovers too).
Not sure what else you want? Click here for their full menu.
My top 3 locations
If you’re really into the whole traveling aspect without actually travelling, then go to the Richardson Airport on the second floor near International departure. On the side note, this is where I had my first Stella’s latté


If you’re more of the go to type of person who likes hanging out with their friends, try the one on  116 Sherbrooke Street.


And last but not least, if you’re somewhat of the shy type and you really don’t like going out but just loves Stella’s, then I would advice you to use the delivery system on 166 Osborne Street but, if you do get over that shyness then just drive over there and try it!


Currently the only two locations that offers delivery ware Stella’s Osborne and Stella’s Grant. If you need more information then click here.
A Winnipeg Native
It’s a trademark of Winnipeg I have to say and I think that it represents our city quite well! I’m proud to say they made an everlasting mark on this city in the world of over caffeinated human beings and I’m just one person who first became a customer and now a long living fan. And I hope that goes for you too. So don’t be shy just try.

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