Sam Pepper: A Joke Going Way Too Far?


Hello fellow Tumblr peeps,what I’m going to write about is not really connected to any of my activism work or any of my journey through my high school life, but a post that is centred on a current “prank” that occurred on one of my favourite prankster’s Youtube channel, primarily Sam Pepper’s new prank titled “Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank”. Before talking about it how about that we actually watch it.
First off, I just want to say that he is one of my favourite people to watch on Youtube and that I’m not here to attack him but more like to comment on his actions and trying to delve into his mind. Likewise, this post is just an opinion and I know that everyone has their own therefore, I’ll try to be discreet as much as possible to avoid hurting any of the other fans.
Anyways, lets just say that yes that prank (to me; in my perspective) was very wrong due to the fact that it puts emphasis on the sensitive issue of women’s rights and that it shouldn’t have been done. I know that it was only a prank and just a good hell of a joke but come on, if you know that it’s wrong to make a prank involving cussing out the N-word or pulling your eyes out to make them look small, then you would know that making a prank of women as a sexual objects is no different. 
I know, I know. Women who look attractive are very beautiful but please bear in mind that their beauty is just a replica of what our society has done, A.K.A the beauty industry. Therefore, Sam Pepper shouldn’t have down that.
Now that I got my rant out of the way, I think it’s time to focus on our dear friend Sam. I know how it feels to be carried away by something and I’m pretty sure that Sam didn’t mean it. For heavens sake, he’s an entertainer and all he was trying to do was make us laugh. It’s just that sometimes finding new ideas is kind of tricky and trying to take risks is a common one. So yes I agree that Sam Pepper was being (forgive me for this) being an idiot but hey, everyone is an idiot at some point, right? Like, I’m human and I’ve made a ton of mistakes and his was no different. 
Sam Pepper is still a funny and cool guy but let us just take a moment to reflect on his mistakes, and others as well, to teach us or remind us that regardless of what a woman is, her body is not up for discussion nor is it respectful to touch her parts without her permission.


And to Sam Pepper, everyone makes mistakes don’t worry you were just trying to make us laugh. And you haven’t lost me as your fan but instead you reminded me of what not to do. And to the others out there, give him some credit, it’s better to make people feel better and be the bigger person than making them feel worse about their mistakes (keeping in mind that we all makes these ones). So please, don’t send hate messages to him (I am familiar about the freedom of speech act but that only implies to speeches of kindness not blasphemous) and just treat others in the manner of respect and dignity. Thank you and I send my wisdom of love and truth to all of you.
Oh and keep on Ranting!

Winnipeg’s Finest: The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Yesterday on the 19th of September, I was sitting in English class waiting for the lesson to start until my awesome English teacher said “We are not going to have a lesson today, instead we’re all going to watch the live opening ceremony of the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights!” I was absolutely over joyed when she said that! That morning prior to the opening, I was a little upset that I wasn’t able to watch it, but as luck turns out I was still able to go to school and watch the history in the making embark it’s new-found entity.


The ceremony, which took place in our city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, was very heart warming and not just because our city is finally getting some spotlight but because of the new vision that was solidified onto the grounds. This museum is the only national museum of the nation that was built outside of Ottawa and that the dream of having a museum that teaches the mistakes of our past has been granted!


In the accordance for human rights, we are blessed to have this new museum for it will bring glory and teach and educate the younger generation of what our history has affected us today and that we shall never forget.


Wow, it’s already nearing the end of September and I almost forgot about you guys! I apologize if anyone felt that I was missing in action and I hope that you all can understand.

I’m pretty sure you guys were all wondering where I was or what happened while I was on the down low. Well, with school underway, trying to balance things out was a challenge for me therefore, I kind of had to prioritize the things that I needed to do and that also meant leaving my blog at the bottom. I know, sad isn’t it? But that doesn’t mean that I totally forgot about it and that’s why I’m giving out this message that even though that I’m at school, my blog will still be an integral part of my life but before that could happen, I have to live life first. With that said, lets talk about what was going on for the last 2 weeks since school started.

As most of you guys know, I started my junior year of high school (grade 11) at Maples Collegiate. I feel so old when I think about myself being at least 2 years away from graduation! Due to that reason, I signed up for a lot of extracurricular activities, which is a reason why I haven’t been posting a lot. I’m beginning to think that joining more school clubs and just being more involved is a great way to enhance my high school life and look great when I apply to university next year! Which is a huge surprise to me mainly because I never expected to actually join anything at school.

Anyways, I re-joined the Asian Heritage Club, a club that supports the unique cultures of all ethnic and Asian backgrounds. The main reason why I re-joined it was because I wanted to show colleges/universities and even potential job offerings that I’m culturally aware and that I support the pride of my Asian heritage (I’m bicultural by the way). I then decided to join student council but then I realized that the group won’t for me due to the club looking like they weren’t necessarily involved or that their political values on the student body of Maples was disgusting. So yes, I dropped that club but, I did join the Peer Tutoring Club which is an awesome club that lets me earn my hours by doing something that I’m excellent at. Tutoring and helping. I’m just so excited to get this underway! I am planning to join an environment club which is in the process of being created and I’m also planning on joining another club that is involved with philanthropy for the less unfortunate. With all of this going on, there will be no excuse of saying “I did nothing” when my mom asks me how my day went.

Aside from this, I am now a licensed driver! Yeah, that’s right! I finally passed my road test and now I’m able to drive around independently as long as I remain for the next few months without an excessive amount of alcohol in my blood! Don’t worry I don’t drink so that won’t be a problem for me. Anyways, it feels so surreal that as if it were just yesterday that I was just a kid dreaming about driving and now as a teenager transitioning into a young adult I’m basically almost done my transformation! I can’t believe how fast life went for me and I hope that it slows down (like the new 30 km/h speeding requirement at every school zone)!

Another thing that I’m very shocked and happy to say is that I think I might be falling in love now. Anyways, I took part in a class where I met this really cute girl and well looks like in the movie Bambi, I was “twitterpated” and now I’m actually happy about going to health class! It happened way too soon and I can’t wait to spend more time with her. If I could just get my bravado going.

Anyway guys I hope that you enjoyed hearing from me again and stay tuned for the next blog post! Bye (for now)!

The Start of a New School Year

A brand new year means brand new goals. Don’t let yourself be a statistic for school dropouts, be on the other side of the analytical gap.


It’s that time of the year again for most of us and high school comes in no different format. Just two months in the process of summer vacation, my school Maples Collegiate (sometimes called Maples Collegiate Institute) has went through a variety of major transformations! I can’t help but think of how fast the changes has taken place, but that’s why I’m going to ‘show and tell’ the new initiatives of my beloved school Maples Collegiate.


The Judy Silver Student Commons

Since the last time I saw the construction site, I can see that the process was we’ll worth the wait. The commons is expected to open near the end of October and the start of November, and is told to hold a capacity of at least 800 students! This is truly a great and useful new addition to the school and it also gives a more modern look that I, and other students, look forward to when we step on school grounds.

Here is a comparison of the construction site from last June and the most recent photo taken on September. If you want to see a more time-lapse conception of the commons click here.





Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 3.55.30 AM


Stunning isn’t it? That’s what I thought when I first took my steps through the front. I was thinking to myself “Wow! Our school is starting to look like a million bucks (It technically is a million bucks). I’m looking forward to actually eat here since that the cafeteria is moving to this new location, and to say goodbye to the cold floors that my friends and I eat on (but the floors aren’t that bad as well). I hope that the deadlines doesn’t get pushed so that everyone can enjoy the new grand structure and make new memories as being the 2nd largest school in Manitoba.

The outside may look awesome but the inside will most definitely look even more stunning! Will the addition of an 800 student capacity, the commons will also host the new cafe, a stage for student events, new tables, washrooms, and a mezzanine (balcony) that will connect the two school buildings on the 2nd floor.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 4.20.34 AM


Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 4.20.52 AM


This may be the start of the new school year but the journey is long ahead of me and I’m going to treat it like a wonderful joyride.

Let’s Not Forget About the Introverts In the Classroom

“We may have the rowdy loud kids but what about the quite shy kids in the corner?


When I was younger, I was really shy. Hard to believe right? Yes, so I was the kid who was always in the corner either reading or playing by myself while the other kids were in groups chatting away and the teacher hushed like as if on repeat. You can that I was an introvert but, then that would just be labelling. I was indeed on the other hand very self-cautious and that I had a very hard time making friends or starting a conversation with the other kids. When it came to let say standing in front of the class and just presenting things on the spot, I was just a nervous wreck and I couldn’t just face the class and do what I had to do in order to get my grades.
My introvert personality started to take a huge toll on my school and social life and it was something that my teachers and parents were worried about. Due to my overbearing fear, I couldn’t really ask for help without fearing what were their personal thoughts on me and I had trouble asking my own parents for homework help. Of course all of that changed when parent-teacher conference commenced.


Photo by Tom Woodward/Flickr
Photo by Tom Woodward/Flickr


They suggested that they “get me out there” meaning that my parents should just take me out more and “make” me outgoing and to just build my self-confidence. And to my surprise (which took 2 years in the making) I overcome my shyness and I started to transition from introvert to extrovert. At first I was really apprehensive, but I soon got the memo that it was for my own good. I started to mimic what other people were doing and I was soon starting to blend with the crowd. I started to join sports teams and my class performance was skyrocketing to its climax. And a few years later, I was now owning presentations which now turned into public speaking and then I became an activist.


Why is it hard for introvert children to learn?
In many school systems today, we tend to teach as if being an extrovert is the norm. This isn’t really the case. I would say that in our day and age, its beneficial that all of our children are capable or working with others therefore, we tend to teach them that collaborating with each other is a positive aspect while keeping things to yourself is the complete opposite. You know what they say, you have to deal with people everyday.
Taking it in my perspective, I had trouble with lit circles (taking turns reading in a circle with other children) and that because, I was so scared of other kids judging me I would just mumble. Now looking back at that experience, I could say that if I was somehow raised in an environment where I wasn’t clouded by scary judgements, it would’ve been easier for me to interact with other children.
Photo by lecercle/Flickr
Photo by lecercle/Flickr



Is it ok to be an introvert?
Most definitely! What I mean is that everyone is unique and that it should be cherished. We are a “mosaic” of people therefore, having different types of people, including introverts, are beneficial, it’s just that we see people who are outgoing very successful because, they don’t have that setback of judgement and that they could speak out their thoughts and ideas.
Therefore, it’s crucial that school systems nowadays put some effort to include these introverts instead of relying on gimmicks and trends that try to create extroverts. For instance recess. When I was young, I was not allowed to go to the school library to read but, I was allowed to go outside and play. This act prevents kids from isolating themselves and promote the whole idea that being outgoing is mainstream and should be seen as the norm. Just looking back, I found myself not playing with the other kids instead, I was just paying by myself on the swings. Conclusion, let the kid explore and do what he or she wants.


photo by Greg Williams/Flickr
photo by Greg Williams/Flickr


The reform in many classrooms are just made for extroverts, leaving the introverts in the corners. I’m not saying that I completely agree with what many classrooms do to engage students in class activities, but I would like a change. I would suggest that instead of everyday group work, there should be an independent time of the day where children are allowed to only interact with themselves and just learn by their own curious minds. This can most definitely allow the extroverts the taste and feel of an introvert at the same time promoting independence of one’s self. Secondly, It would great if teachers modified their classroom teaching styles to include everyone in the spectrum. This may include, presentations that will boost self-confidence in public speaking, and at the same time including non-interactive tactics such as reading responses from out of a box anonymously to worksheets or homework questions. Lastly, I would just say that being creative and making kids have options that will help them build their potential regardless of what type of social person they are is one of the great ways to make the school year worth while.
Check out this TED Talk by Susan Cain: The power of introverts