Winnipeg’s Finest: The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Yesterday on the 19th of September, I was sitting in English class waiting for the lesson to start until my awesome English teacher said “We are not going to have a lesson today, instead we’re all going to watch the live opening ceremony of the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights!” I was absolutely over joyed when she said that! That morning prior to the opening, I was a little upset that I wasn’t able to watch it, but as luck turns out I was still able to go to school and watch the history in the making embark it’s new-found entity.


The ceremony, which took place in our city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, was very heart warming and not just because our city is finally getting some spotlight but because of the new vision that was solidified onto the grounds. This museum is the only national museum of the nation that was built outside of Ottawa and that the dream of having a museum that teaches the mistakes of our past has been granted!


In the accordance for human rights, we are blessed to have this new museum for it will bring glory and teach and educate the younger generation of what our history has affected us today and that we shall never forget.


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