Sam Pepper: A Joke Going Way Too Far?


Hello fellow Tumblr peeps,what I’m going to write about is not really connected to any of my activism work or any of my journey through my high school life, but a post that is centred on a current “prank” that occurred on one of my favourite prankster’s Youtube channel, primarily Sam Pepper’s new prank titled “Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank”. Before talking about it how about that we actually watch it.
First off, I just want to say that he is one of my favourite people to watch on Youtube and that I’m not here to attack him but more like to comment on his actions and trying to delve into his mind. Likewise, this post is just an opinion and I know that everyone has their own therefore, I’ll try to be discreet as much as possible to avoid hurting any of the other fans.
Anyways, lets just say that yes that prank (to me; in my perspective) was very wrong due to the fact that it puts emphasis on the sensitive issue of women’s rights and that it shouldn’t have been done. I know that it was only a prank and just a good hell of a joke but come on, if you know that it’s wrong to make a prank involving cussing out the N-word or pulling your eyes out to make them look small, then you would know that making a prank of women as a sexual objects is no different. 
I know, I know. Women who look attractive are very beautiful but please bear in mind that their beauty is just a replica of what our society has done, A.K.A the beauty industry. Therefore, Sam Pepper shouldn’t have down that.
Now that I got my rant out of the way, I think it’s time to focus on our dear friend Sam. I know how it feels to be carried away by something and I’m pretty sure that Sam didn’t mean it. For heavens sake, he’s an entertainer and all he was trying to do was make us laugh. It’s just that sometimes finding new ideas is kind of tricky and trying to take risks is a common one. So yes I agree that Sam Pepper was being (forgive me for this) being an idiot but hey, everyone is an idiot at some point, right? Like, I’m human and I’ve made a ton of mistakes and his was no different. 
Sam Pepper is still a funny and cool guy but let us just take a moment to reflect on his mistakes, and others as well, to teach us or remind us that regardless of what a woman is, her body is not up for discussion nor is it respectful to touch her parts without her permission.


And to Sam Pepper, everyone makes mistakes don’t worry you were just trying to make us laugh. And you haven’t lost me as your fan but instead you reminded me of what not to do. And to the others out there, give him some credit, it’s better to make people feel better and be the bigger person than making them feel worse about their mistakes (keeping in mind that we all makes these ones). So please, don’t send hate messages to him (I am familiar about the freedom of speech act but that only implies to speeches of kindness not blasphemous) and just treat others in the manner of respect and dignity. Thank you and I send my wisdom of love and truth to all of you.
Oh and keep on Ranting!

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