8 Great Things to Do While on Winter Break!

Bored over break?

It's two weeks off so don't just let the weather or those crazy busy holiday preparations get you down!

1) Get your fair share of the cold element (literally): Life is considered short so don’t miss out on what’s outside of your house! I know, I know! Mother Nature is just so cold. Well, if you think about it, you can make the cold weather an enjoyable atmosphere of fun! Try getting your friends together to have fun in the snow! Try building snow forts or igloos, trust me that’s one of the best parts to do while the snow is still here! Ice skating, tobogganing, or even hockey can get you in the winter festive mood! Just remember to be responsible and dress for the weather! Oh, and drink hot chocolate with your family and friends after a day of fun!

2) Plan a get together with the close people of your life: Now that you’re home from a long semester filled with work, it’s time to put the books away and hit a new type of novel, relationships. Two weeks off will go by pretty fast and then you may not have that time with that special person in your life or even your friends when the upcoming mid-terms kick in! So, go to the mall, and just build those relationships for the best while you still have them! One of the most classic ways to capture those memories is taking a group selfies at a cool Christmas party! May I suggest a picture with Santa Claus to finish that thought?

3) Polish up that résumé: The winter break is a great time to polish up your résumé and pursue your dream internship. Update your résumé by adding your latest work experience, relevant course work, and volunteering activities. It’ll put you steps ahead of the competition!

4) Get those New Year Resolutions Going: It’s the last month of the year! So reflect, think back and of course try to come up with atlas 3 new goals for the following year! Make sure you choose something that you can do and something that will make a huge impact on your life! It’s doesn’t need to be a huge big goal but as long as the commitment is there, it’s a goal that’s worth for shooting at! For a majority of us, eating healthy, exercising, maybe taking up a new hobby or sport can be great choices for your New Year’s Resolutions. Got any ideas? Write them down, just remember to do them.

5) Try to fix that upside down sleeping pattern: It may be tempting, but pulling off all nighters just because you’re on holidays isn’t actually a risk to do. If you really value, your health, body, spirit, and your mind read this very carefully. Okay I said read this carefully not get close to the screen. Anyways, try setting up a new sleeping pattern so that you can sleep on time, wake up early and not have those marathons to brush your teeth to eating breakfast. Trust me, when the break ends you’ll be thankful for taking this advice!

6) Read a book: Do you know that literature gets more entertaining though age? There’s so many different types of novels to get into for the holidays! Most of them were turned into movies! So go to your nearest book store or library and get a book to read. It really does improve your literacy skills! It also makes you look smart.

7) Go get a new wardrobe: It’s out with the old and in with the new this season. Do you still remember those old shirts that you hardly wear? Yeah, it’s time for them to go. No! Not in the garbage, people in developing countries were forced to make that! Donate them to a thrifts store or anywhere where they can be given to the less unfortunate, besides it’s the holidays so it’s a good thing to be charitable this season!

8) Review past lessons and assignments: Yes I know, I know. It’s winter break but, that doesn’t mean that you can let that noggin rot now. It’s a good time to just brush up on past assignments and class notes so when exams come, you might be the only one in the class who actually gained a couple of IQ points for the win!


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