Book of the Month: Put on the Armour of Light

For the first month of 2015, January starts off with a book by a new local author in my city of Winnipeg called Put on the Armour of Light and it’s written by Catherine MacDonald. If you want to buy it on amazon, click here.

Here is what’s written on the back of the book to give you a synopsis or a little bit of background:

In June 1899, the Reverend Charles Lauchlan's industrious life as a young Presbyterian minister is knocked off the rails  when he learns that his former university roommate has been arrested on murder charges.
The chief of police says it's an open-and-shut case, but Sergeant Setter — labelled as a misfit by his fellow officers — disagrees. Lauchlan and Setter become uneasy allies in a search that takes them from the sleaziest bars to the most sumptuous drawing rooms of turn-of-the-century Winnipeg. On the way, Lauchlan uses his pastoral skills in ways never anticipated in the seminary. As time runs out he must risk everything, even his heart, in order to find the real killer.

Just got to love mystery right? I can’t wait to start this book. Plus it’s based off of my city (Winnipeg) with a lot of historical contexts!


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