Welcome to 2015 with Rants of an AP Student

About one year ago, I started Rants of an AP Student to help primarily high school students get across the complex world of High School and how to succeed in any way possible. And I am just grateful for everything that I’ve done in the past year.

I can see bits of myself as I move through my past posts and quotes and see the evolution of my sophomore self to the my current junior self and I just can’t believe how change has kept me going ever since.

One thing that I’m so grateful for since the launch of Rants of an AP Student is being able to share it with you guys (my followers. If you’re not one yet then hit that follow button). It’s my audience who always kept me inspired to write and help those who want a boost in their high school career and that’s what I will continue to do.

This year, 2015, is going to be jammed packed (trust me it will be) and I can’t wait for it to grow with you and myself for Rants of an AP Student is a blog about the “woes and highs of an AP Student”. Thank you very much/Merci beaucoup.

A boy. A blog. And a laptop



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The creator of Rants of an AP Student. A boy. A blog. And a laptop. I'm your everyday hipster who loves blogging, and promoting social awareness to the world. I'm an activist, an honours student, a blogger, and your everyday all love and free kind of guy.

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