My Getaway to St. Andrews and Lockport

Hey, Snarklings!

My family decided to go on a getaway outside of the city again near the north side of Winnipeg in St. Andrews and the bay area in Lockport.

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My family decided to go to St. Andrews to look at the plants and flowers at The Shops of St. Andrews. I enjoyed the different types of trees, bushes, and flowers that the shop had to offer.

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My most favorite type of plants would be succulents!


After taking a look at the shops we headed off to Lockport to look around and eat at the famous Half Moon restaurant. It’s a really retro-like restaurant that made me feel like I was in an episode of Riverdale or the Archie comics series. If you guys ever go there buy their banana split sundae!

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After that, we went on a stroll to look at the dam and bridge on the bay just outside the drive in of Half moon. It was very refreshing and I just enjoyed the whole experience. If you guys go there, make sure to take a lot of pictures since it really is a fantastic scenery.




My Train Ride to Grosse Isle Manitoba

Hey, Snarklings!

My family decided to venture off out of the city to Grosse Isle in the town of Rockwood with an added twist… On a train that remotely looks like the Hogwarts express from Harry Potter! Although that it took 3 hours to get there (the train is not fast at all!), I enjoyed the view of the prairie lands.

The last time I was here was about 5-6 years ago when I graduated from middle school and not much has changed (still a lot of grass and mosquitos). Also, it was a sunny day so thanks God that they gave all the passengers free sunscreen:


Remember to apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and re-apply every 2 hours!


The Prairie Dog Central Express

Once we arrived we were given a complimentary potluck with some country singers! There were also a lot of scenery which I decided to capture as well! It really is a family oriented place with kids being pulled on a mini train ride, horses, a mini playground, and little roosters!

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I decided to tour the heritage museum site that’s next door and it was honestly so interesting how people lived back then. From the pioneer styled nursery to their kitchen, and their photos it was so surreal. I actually thought I time traveled back in time. Check out their telephone, radio, and kitchen tools! Their knick knacks are authentic and well kept over generations!

My favorite part of the house was the nursery since it was so creepy looking and had a paranormal feel to it! The empty crib, the dolls, and toys laying around just gave it this Annabelle mood to it.

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These dolls are so scary yet so pretty. I wonder if they still make dolls like these. The one with the one eye closed really gave me the chills.

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I’m guessing that this couple was the parents of the little girl who lived here. Their marriage certificate was on display there along with their wedding photo.


After the tour of the house, we decided to visit the chapel and schoolhouse that was situated next to one another. It was so cool to imagine how school kids actually sat in one of those seats!

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This trip sure did tire all of us out and on the trip back to Winnipeg I just fell asleep on the train!

Hope everyone else is having a fantastic Summer!

My Take on the MCAT

Hello, Snarklings!

So, I’m currently on Summer vacation between my first year and second year of undergrad and I want to spend some time letting you guys know how I plan on studying for the MCAT.

What is covered in the MCAT and how do they relate to your pre-req classes?

As you all know that bulk of the MCAT is divided into 4 sections that overlap each other so it’s important to note that many of these sections are related to your medical school pre-requisite courses like:

  • First-year biology, general chemistry, English
  • Second-year organic chemistry (and Psychology/Sociology courses)
  • Third-year biochemistry

How do you revise for the MCAT?

So what I prefer to do is to annotate and make review notes with whatever review books that you’re using. For me, I’m using the Princeton review (however, my other friends use Kaplan; Kaplan is also a great review book too). Although that I do not plan on taking the MCAT anytime soon, I believe that revision during the Summer for the courses or classes that you took in your academic year is great for retention! Let’s face it, in three years from now, you won’t really remember that much of what happened in your first or second year pre-req courses heck, you probably won’t remember anything after you take the final exam for that course (Like me haha). As I review the Princeton Review for the MCAT, I start re-calling what I learned and it’s been helping tremendously and by the time I take the MCAT I will be more than ready.

Taking some notes on the MCAT from the Princeton Review subject books

How do you practice and improve?

I also advise practicing since reviewing the concepts are not good enough… So the short little quizzes at the end of each section help to reinforce the concepts reviewed. I also suggest that you buy a work book like Examcrackers or the AAMC question packets for practice! In addition to that, I suggest buying the AAMC’s practice exams as well or the UWorld MCAT Qbank to mimic the exam conditions of the MCAT. Currently, I’m using the Princeton Review Science Workbook (I got a used one from amazon and had it shipped!)

The Princeton Review Science Workbook
I like using tabs to show which sections I need to work on based on what I learned in the year


So I hope that this is informative and that it gives you a rough idea of one way of studying (since everyone is different and you should find something that works for you). Since I just started this process, I will continue to find new ways and I’ll keep you guys updated so remember to follow/subscribe to my blog and if you want to ask me about the study resources that I’m using, just comment or email me (you can find my email on my about me page).