CPR Training

Hello, Snarklings!

So if you’re pre-med or anything health related i.e nursing, paramedic, dental, etc. You have to go through some sort of CPR training program which is actually a non-academic requirement in many of the admissions to professional schools in health. I’ve taken first aid and CPR training before (back in my lifeguard days haha) so I felt like it was time to upgrade to a more intense form of CPR.

To tell you honestly, I felt so weird clicking on the CPR HCP (Health Care Provider) option when I was registering online. It was something that I never thought I would do until I became interested in health and medicine. I did it anyway and I honestly enjoyed it.

I did mine at the Winnipeg First Aid on 222 Osborne Street. The class was 8 hours (but we finished it in 5-6 hours) and it provided me the skills needed in critical situations.

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The instructor was really funny, informative, and concise. He helped me whenever I needed clarification.

Overall, I felt happy and proud that I have the knowledge to help and stabilize people in need and I hope that once I get into medical school this attitude grows and continues so that I can save more lives.

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