My Getaway to St. Andrews and Lockport

Hey, Snarklings!

My family decided to go on a getaway outside of the city again near the north side of Winnipeg in St. Andrews and the bay area in Lockport.

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My family decided to go to St. Andrews to look at the plants and flowers at The Shops of St. Andrews. I enjoyed the different types of trees, bushes, and flowers that the shop had to offer.

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My most favorite type of plants would be succulents!


After taking a look at the shops we headed off to Lockport to look around and eat at the famousĀ Half Moon restaurant. It’s a really retro-like restaurant that made me feel like I was in an episode of Riverdale or the Archie comics series. If you guys ever go there buy their banana split sundae!

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After that, we went on a stroll to look at the dam and bridge on the bay just outside the drive in of Half moon. It was very refreshing and I just enjoyed the whole experience. If you guys go there, make sure to take a lot of pictures since it really is a fantastic scenery.