How Do I Stay on Task During the Holidays

Well hello world! It’s me again. As you can tell by the title (titles usually give us what it’s about…), I’ve been receiving a tonne of messages and questions about how I stay productive over the Winter holidays. So, I’ve decided that today I give you some tips and pointers on how I stay productive when I’m out of school on break (on a side note: just because you’re on break doesn’t mean your performance in school has to suffer).

Hope this post helps (fingers crossed) and if you have anymore questions, please ask in the comment section below and if you like, message me on my tumblr blog as well.

Tip #1: Use a Timetable/To-Do List/Agenda

If you’ve read some of my past posts then you know how much I value (and you should too!) planning like a warlord. You need to plan before hand and what you need to execute.


Here I just made a to-do list for all of my classes. Now, I don’t mean you need to be ahead till you’re practically done the class, since that is just ridiculous and not worth your time, however reading some material ahead can be very beneficial remember not to over due it since you have other priorities or other classes to look at. Also, try to be realistic about what you put on that list and plan out what part of the day you wish to do them.

Lastly, make sure you have F-U-N on that list since it is the holidays so remember to get festive and get out there in the world to just enjoy yourself, it won’t be long until you’re back for the next school semester/term (*gasp).

Tip #2: Relaxation

IMG_3085 IMG_3082 IMG_3084

I can’t stress (don’t stress! just relax. Yeah see what I just did there?) this enough but remember that you are on a holiday so do just that and sit back and relax! I prefer to relax in my own way which means a lot of Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, journal writing, photography, tumblr (since I brought this up, here’s my tumblr blog as well hehe), and of course a bunch of shopping!

IMG_3068 IMG_3070 IMG_3071

Also try to get out of the house too. Here, I like going to the local cafés to be productive, have fun and drink a great cup of London fog. Don’t stay cooped up in your room too much. This generation spends way too much time in their room, try to enjoy some outside time while you’re on break. It’ll give you a new perspective I promise!

Tip #3: Planning for the New Year

I feel like I’m repeating myself again but yeah, a new year and maybe a new day planner or agenda to keep you track for the next 12 months!


Although that I use a day planner I tend to use it like a bullet journal where I just plan things out with bullets/symbols.

Another side note: Since that the New Year is rolling around the corner, it may be a great time to start writing New Years Resolutions (which will be an upcoming blog post soon I promise).

Tip #4: Fixing that Sleep Mechanism

Let’s face it, we all have so much fun that we forget that we’re not immortal and thus need sleep (unless if you’re a zombie). So, try to get yourself on track with your sleeping schedule and make sure that you’re awake when you’re suppose to be awake and asleep when you should be. I’m sure that everyone has a smartphone with a clock and alarm function but remember that there’s still the old school one, like mine form Ikea (I swear I am not endorsing them but I jus love them).

I tend to keep my clock with me while I’m journaling (is that even a word?) away so I don’t lose track of time.

Tip #5: Stay Safe

I know, I know, I am not your mother but it’s still a pretty good reminder that even though that you’re on your break, try to have fun responsibly. It’s quite easy to forget when so many things are happening around you but please try to remember to be safe than sorry. Other than that, have fun everyone and a Happy New Year to all.

New Download of the Week!


It all started when I was browsing the web for a word processor that can help give me a more communicative approach to the things I work on with my classmates who are off on their summer vacation around the world but are still inclined to get things accomplished with the help of others.

As I kept on clicking and browsing through the endless timeline of search results I came across a familiar looking site called Folia. Turns out, Folia is made and managed by the same company who created the iAnnotate app, which is a great companion when in need to be “interactive” with your work! This company, which is co-founded by two amazing guys, Ravi (CEO) and Jim (CTO), is called Branchfire and is the creator of their new innovation that I will review today.

What is Folia?

Folia, is an innovative tool that you can use to write documents with “connections”. Think of it as connecting the dots on a picture puzzle. Once you connected the dots on the puzzle, you get the broader picture and that is what Folia has intended to do. To give your word document more than just words, but to connect them to the world by extending those lines to the dots of communication.

They’re almost like links but, links are just too straight forward projections. Meaning, links are just a one straight road and that there’s no going back. In that case, Folia redefined  links to go pass that one direction feel and to create a back track direction that lets you and your partners interact on the document in a back and forth connective state.


This is the new and improved way of communication. For links & hyperlinks are great but connections are better and highly valued for the user is in control of everything.

Revolutionary. Productive. Connections.


Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 6.01.07 PM

Above, you’ll see the most important icon off all, the connect button. Only usable on the “folias” that you created, is the button that lets you add markups, comments, highlights, strikeouts, and frames. This icon severs as a metaphor in connections for Folia: “The Connection Icon resembles a flag staked in the ground, yet implies forward momentum and depth.” With this message said, I’m pretty stoked that this launched and that I’m indeed excited for the future of Folia in terms of innovation and communication

Want some more inspiration? Click on this link to get “connected” to the video that led me to want to download this app.

Folia: Communicate the way you think.