New Years Trip: Las Vegas

Hello Snarklings,


Since I was MIA (I know you guys are probably really tired of me saying sorry but…. I’m really sorry!) I didn’t get much time to update you guys on my traveling. If you guys don’t know, traveling to different places are one of my favorite hobbies! So without a moment to spare, this is what I did during New Year’s Day for 2017-2018.

Okay so first off if you’re not from the States or if you don’t have dual citizenship make sure that when you’re booking your flight (especially if there’s connections/layovers), your first flight takes off directly to an American city. Why? Since 9/11 the U.S Customs and ICE border policies are very strict and is time consuming compared to International flights. SO it’s in your BEST INTEREST to deal with U.S Customs right away… Unfortunately, I let my mother book the flight for me since I was studying for finals and we had a connecting flight from Winnipeg to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. If you did not know, that’s one of the largest and busiest airports in Canada. Plus, we only had about 15 minutes (yup cue the panic music) to go through U.S Customs, get our luggage, getting screened, asked about how much money do we have, do we have DACA status, do we need a visa, etc. So that was pretty time consuming and we were worried that we were going to miss our flight. Usually, when I book flights to the U.S I always pick either, Minneapolis or Chicago to get the hard stuff out of the way first because, there would have been a chance that I could have been denied entry while in Toronto (away from home, with my luggage all over the place, and my impending flight that leaves in like 10-15 mins).

One of the terminals at Pearson International Airport- It looks like a shopping mall to be honest

Once, all that was done, it was a long (like 6-7 hours) flight to Las Vegas. FUN… I tried to nap it off but the seats are way too small for that. But I caught a glimpse of the beautiful scenery outside my window.

It’s so captivating by just looking a the hills, mountains, and valleys!

Once we arrived we took the uber to the Venetian Hotel which was really nice. Like luxury nice.

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The cool thing about the Venetian Hotel was that it was connected to the Grand Canals Shops and Ceasar’s Palace. It was an amazing (and really tiring, like for real it was quite a long walk) experience


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My mother and I did go to check out the other hotels in the vicinity like the Wynn and Palazzo. We also went to both of the premium outlet malls (The North Outlet which is opened and the South Outlet). Transporation was okay (better than the clown drivers in Winnipeg). They were all very nice and made sure that they got us there in time (and with less to pay; thank you Jesus haha). Now, I know that the American dollar is higher than the Canadian dollar but remember that they don’t really tax that much compared to Canadian provinces, plus unlike Canada, when they go on Sale, it really is a sale (I’m saying like 80-95%). I guess Canadians just like to spend more for less while the Americans like to spend less for more (ew).

Communicating with the locals was either a hit or a miss. Keep in mind that this wasn’t my first time in Vegas (I have many of family members living there; family from my Filipino side) plus, I did live in the States a couple of years back when I was a child in the Tri-state area (Cherry Hill New Jersey). So, yes people here are more like coconuts (harder outer shell and a lot more reserved) while Canadians are like peaches (fuzzy on the outside and soft on the inside). I myself is a coconut and a lot harder to crack and may seem cold so I wasn’t really offended at all. In fact, I felt more integrated here than I am back in Winnipeg (I felt like I belong). The only thing that I didn’t like was the vendors’ catcalling my mother to get to buy their garbage… I guess it’s common here but I was raised in a conservative manner to not degrade women. Like seriously, if you want us to buy your stuff (even if it’s a bunch of garbage that I can get for cheap from the dollar store) just be professional about it. But then again, I’m not from here so can’t really complain too much.

Communicating here is a lot easier too. I am part Hispanic, so speaking en Espanol was a no-brainer when I’m shopping or ordering food when many of the residents are of Latin-American (specifically Mexican) descent. However, since I do speak a different dialect (like the lispy Andalucian Spanish), they would always ask where I’m from (omg hahah). This one girl was like “Adios mios! You sound like a politician and Enrique Iglesias rolled into one.” I felt a tad bit embarrassed but brushed it off and said “por sopuesto, I didn’t grow here.”

Just a little tip, always pack extra bottled water with you (You can never forget about hydrating yourself).

If you read all the way, congratulations! I hope this was insightful and if you want any more advice on what to pack or where to go then just email me or leave a comment.

Ciao for now, stay flossy everyone.


My Getaway to St. Andrews and Lockport

Hey, Snarklings!

My family decided to go on a getaway outside of the city again near the north side of Winnipeg in St. Andrews and the bay area in Lockport.

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My family decided to go to St. Andrews to look at the plants and flowers at The Shops of St. Andrews. I enjoyed the different types of trees, bushes, and flowers that the shop had to offer.

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My most favorite type of plants would be succulents!


After taking a look at the shops we headed off to Lockport to look around and eat at the famous Half Moon restaurant. It’s a really retro-like restaurant that made me feel like I was in an episode of Riverdale or the Archie comics series. If you guys ever go there buy their banana split sundae!

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After that, we went on a stroll to look at the dam and bridge on the bay just outside the drive in of Half moon. It was very refreshing and I just enjoyed the whole experience. If you guys go there, make sure to take a lot of pictures since it really is a fantastic scenery.



My Train Ride to Grosse Isle Manitoba

Hey, Snarklings!

My family decided to venture off out of the city to Grosse Isle in the town of Rockwood with an added twist… On a train that remotely looks like the Hogwarts express from Harry Potter! Although that it took 3 hours to get there (the train is not fast at all!), I enjoyed the view of the prairie lands.

The last time I was here was about 5-6 years ago when I graduated from middle school and not much has changed (still a lot of grass and mosquitos). Also, it was a sunny day so thanks God that they gave all the passengers free sunscreen:


Remember to apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and re-apply every 2 hours!


The Prairie Dog Central Express

Once we arrived we were given a complimentary potluck with some country singers! There were also a lot of scenery which I decided to capture as well! It really is a family oriented place with kids being pulled on a mini train ride, horses, a mini playground, and little roosters!

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I decided to tour the heritage museum site that’s next door and it was honestly so interesting how people lived back then. From the pioneer styled nursery to their kitchen, and their photos it was so surreal. I actually thought I time traveled back in time. Check out their telephone, radio, and kitchen tools! Their knick knacks are authentic and well kept over generations!

My favorite part of the house was the nursery since it was so creepy looking and had a paranormal feel to it! The empty crib, the dolls, and toys laying around just gave it this Annabelle mood to it.

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These dolls are so scary yet so pretty. I wonder if they still make dolls like these. The one with the one eye closed really gave me the chills.

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I’m guessing that this couple was the parents of the little girl who lived here. Their marriage certificate was on display there along with their wedding photo.


After the tour of the house, we decided to visit the chapel and schoolhouse that was situated next to one another. It was so cool to imagine how school kids actually sat in one of those seats!

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This trip sure did tire all of us out and on the trip back to Winnipeg I just fell asleep on the train!

Hope everyone else is having a fantastic Summer!