The Writer

Blogger: B.J

This is the nickname that I go by because, my real name is way to long (I mean it took up the whole line on my driver’s license and I have no idea how much space it would take up here) so, B.J is for the most part my name since I started high school in 2012. Before you ask, yes, I did get a lot of taunts and jokes about my nick name for its abbreviation for something well you know (if you don’t know it’s something very inappropriate). But of course, I chose this name because, I personally like it and it’s easy to say (almost everyone I meet has a hard time saying my name).

Anyways, let’s get to know me in a few short lists (I’m actually trying to come up with something in my head and it’s hard, I need to know myself better…)

  • I’m Canadian (I love Maples Syrup and free healthcare!)
  • I speak both English and French (another perk of being Canadian, plus when it comes to flirting with girls I have a few lines up my sleeve)
  • I’m a hipster and I just love vintage fashion
  • I love to play soccer, volleyball and badminton.
  • I have an alter ego (my other me is well… you’ll see when you read my posts)
  • I live in one of the most coldest urban cities in North America, but isn’t really famous for anything (Winnipeg, Manitoba also known as Winterpeg, Manisnoba)
  • I’m also a vegetarian (except on Fridays, then I’ll eat meat)
  • I’m a simmer (it’s a video game where you get to build the perfect virtual life even though you may have to sacrifice your own one and only real life)
  • I’m obsessed with youtube (even though I don’t even have my own channel)
  • I’m currently in grade 11 in high school
  • I’m single (I don’t need a girlfriend to keep my happy but, It would be nice…)
  • I’m a veteran from bullying

Now that we got that out of the way, it’s nice to officially meet you (*handshake* that takes way to long).

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